About LeslieByrdPhotography

|Poetry. Life. Photography.|

I believe that everyone has beauty in them, and that my images should reflect that.
I have always seemed to notice things on different and deep levels, and I love it when I am able to share some part of what I see with others. The world is full of so much fascination, and humans are so intricate and complex; it is my joy to be able to share even a fraction of this wonder through photography.

I invite you to share this love of photography with me!

|About the Artist|

Mom, Photographer, Blogger, LMT, Artist, Dreamer,Vegan, Chronic Illness Warrior

|Personal Interests|

Photography, Art, Poetry, Drawing, Sketching, Nature, People, Reading, Dystopian Novels & Movies, Fantasy, Music, Cooking, Massage Therapy, Yoga, Family, Life